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A tool is any device, usually hand-held, that is used to complete a specific function. We use tools in all aspects of life, including gardening tools, appliances, and eating utensils. Some common synonyms for "tool" include implement, device, apparatus, gadget, or contraption.

From the earliest days, our ancestors created primitive tools to make their lives easier, safer, or more enjoyable. Man has been creating stone, wood, and bone tools for more than 500,000 years, including cutting tool implements such as hand axes, stone knives, arrow heads, and digging utensils. A cutting tool like a knife would be especially helpful for skinning game, cutting vines and saplings, and slicing sinews.

About 10,000 years ago, man developed the ability to create tools with metal, including iron, copper, tin, lead, silver, and gold. Since the time of that breakthrough, we have experienced rapid technological advancements that continue to this day, such as motors, computers, and robotics.

As we advance, man relies more and more on tools to advance our lives, which can make owning the online rights to the word very lucrative for your business. For example, the machine tool industry alone generates $93 billion* a year in sales, while the hand tool industry generates $12 billion** a year. If your business relies on customers looking for any type of tool, owning the online rights would drive more business to your website.

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